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This web site will be for "Movietelling" movie club. "Movietelling" will not be limited to certain people but it will be open to the public so that all people can share the website for information on various movies. There are two main purposes of the web site. First, it will give information of movies that I think that were good so I will be basically recommending the movies to those who are finding a movie to watch. Second, it will provide us an opportunity to share their favorite movies and their information so that other people can communicate through the web site. There will also be articles that are related to the movies or the movie field.


The target audience for this web site will be people who enjoy watching movies in thier spare times. This group of people do not know about each other well and is made of men and women of different age and race. They have watched various movies in their life time regardless of the genre and where the movie is from. They love watching movies whenever they have time and their discussion focused on the story, quality, actors and actresses and techniques used (Special effects and camera techniques) of the movie they have watched and the ones they are waiting to realease (ex: Marble series, Kingsman 2, Maze Runner 3, and more). They usually like watching the movies in the theaters but they also like watching them again with their television. Also, they do like series movies because it feels like the movie has not ended yet but when it finally ends, they say it always feel sad and kind of futile. They also don't like waiting for the next release of the movie because it usually takes a year or two. They always are so into the movies right after watching them.

Needs Assessment

Friends of mine who enjoy watching movies helped me with providing a list of items that they thought it would help my website. They wanted to have true information of the movie rather than evidenceless rumors, trailers, articles, ratings and some pictures of the movies. I also surveyed three target audiences who are not related to each other.

Questions asked to the group:

What type of information would you find most helful on our web site?

What type of information do you NOT want to see included on the website?

What area of interest or specialty would you like to contribute to the web site?

To other movie lovers:

Which would you find most useful in a movie recommending web site: a brief summary about the movie; or the basic information of everything a bit, the actors, actresses, the director, and the genre?

What would you most like to see on our web site

Five reference websites

These sites are examples of good and/or bad artifacts that are considering for the final design.


Based on the responses of the target audiences and other people, I have chosen to include the following content areas:

Presentation of Information/Rational of Organization:

The website will be simple as possible because otherwise it will make the web site seem to complicated.

The following details the content of the proposed pages:


The banner logo will be a graphic that I create using Indesign or Illustrator. All other images used will be photos that I can get from google that are royalty free. These will include photos of the movie poster, the actors and actresses photoes, a picture of a scene in the movie. I intend to include this statement below each image, "Photo courtesy of name." I'll include a footer statement such as "All images used in this site are original. Any further use of these images is prohibited without permission from the photographer." And since I cannot get the videos of the trailers because of royalty issues, I can get a link to youtube where people can watch the trailers there.

Color scheme and rationale

When I think of movies it leads me to an idea of a theater and theaters are dark with the only light coming from the screen. So for this page I was thinking I can use black, white, and red. Red is a color that can attract people easily because it is a strong color. Also I got the name, 'Movietelling', from fortunetelling and I think it reminds me of color red. I will use red and white for the banner, the text will be white with black and red outlines. The body text will be red and white with red links; visited links will be purple. The red used will match the red in the banner logo, as will any other colors used for headings and rules. My intention is to only use two additional colors besides red so the page doesn't look too busy. (I don't plan to use red as a background color.) Examples of my colors that I plan to use for my website include: Red, Black, and white.

Outline of web site organization:


NOTE: All pages will have a link up to the home page.

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