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This is my first webpage that I have ever created. I hope I have fun designing webpages. As I think about the topic of my final website, here are some possibilities:


Computer Graphic Design (CG)

Since I was in high school, I always thought that visual effects in movies or television shows were amazing. One of the most inspiring person in my life is Seunghun Lee, top technical director in Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). After watching his interviews, articles, and most importantly his works, I always thought I wanted to be someone like him. What I want to talk about CG are:

I would like to share these information so that more people can know about CG and get interested in it, too. The site will also have information about events related to CG.


Movie Recommendation

I have always enjoyed watching movies so I believe I may know many movies so I can recommend them to people. I would like to use this site so that I can share my ideas of movies but also want to hear what other people think about and want to allow them to share their ideas, too. I am thinking of having my site serve the following two purposes:

  1. Allow many people to share their ideas about the movies
  2. Share recommendations of movies
  3. Share articles of the moveies (how much the movie succeeded, what the actors are up to know, Interviews with the actors in the movie)

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